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Angling Report

Angling Report

Angling Report

The latest news from the boats and banks

Report for week ending: 12th May, 2024
Rod average : 5.15
Best fish : 4lb 11ozs rainbow
Caught by : Mr. J. Gardner
From : the Gorse Bushes, South Lake
Fly used : black hopper
Best Dry Flies : hawthorn ; black hopper ; small orange hopper ; small Daddy Longlegs ; sedge
Best Wet Flies/Nymphs : Diawl Bach ; hot head Diawl Bach ; black buzzer ; hare’s ear nymph ; cruncher ; Black Pennell ; Bibio
Best Lures : Cormorant ; orange fritz ; black and green ; orange tadpole ; black fritz ; blue flash damsel
Best Areas : Watery Lane ; Mickledale Bay ; Concrete Bowl ; Old Man’s ; Boathouse Bay ; Ten Acre Bay ; St. Stephens Bay ; Rainbow Corner (Mon, Tues, Fri only for bank angling)

Summary Report

Dry flies begin to dominate in the returns …

The above average temperatures during the week produced further good hatches of buzzers with a few sedges appearing in the evenings. Terrestrial offerings in the form of hawthorn flies, alder beetles and small daddy long legs provided some excellent top-of-the-water sport to both bank and boat rods.

Stomach contents of spooned fish revealed a diet of black and dark olive buzzers and various terrestrials and indeed this was reflected in the returns this week.

Creditable returns this week include on the 6th May for Season Permit holder Mr. Paul Walker, with 21 fish from the banks, all safely released ; visiting rod Mr. Woodward recorded a total of 17 fish to his boat whilst fellow visitor Mr. Chris Taylor returned more than 42 fish to his boat on a variety of patterns including Diawl Bach, emergers and buzzers. Visiting rods came away with the best bags on the 7th with Mr. Sean Lewis using buzzers to great effect and recording 9 fish in total and Mr. Paul Miller employed an orange lure to net 17 fish during a very productive day. The theme continued on the 8th with Mr. Steve Pattinson, visiting us from Northumberland, recording a total of 20 fish to his boat on the South Lake; visiting rod Mr. Mark Longman fished from the banks and ended his session with a solid 10 fish on lures, buzzers and dries and Permit holder Mr. Phil Roper also returned a total of 10 fish, again from the banks. Further double-figured bags were recorded on the 9th with some boat anglers practicing for the TEFF Loch Style Qualifier here the following day – best of these were Mssrs. Blackshaw and Eville with 32 fish to their boat ; close behind in the numbers game were Mssrs. Smith and Saccone with 31 fish between them ; Permit holder Mr. Stacey Savage returned 12 fish from the banks with Diawl Bach proving to be an extremely useful pattern ; visiting rods Mr. Andrew Esplin and Mr. Colin Nesbitt had a successful day with 17 to their boat ; Permit holder Mr. Phil Roper returned 15 fish from the banks by using various blobs ; and visiting rods fishing from the banks also enjoyed superb sport with Mr. Tim Stevens and Mr. John Dutton returning 15 and 19 fish respectively. The 10th saw the TEFF Loch Style Qualifier take place with all anglers catching fish to produce a rod average of 11.3 based on the returns submitted – winner of the event was Martin Smith with James Hunter second and Ryan Feber in third place. Also finding the fish on Friday were visiting rod and TEFF organiser Mr. John Hood with 20 fish to his boat and Mr. Bruce Burton who recorded 12 fish from the banks of the South Lake. Several steady returns on the 11th and rounding off another productive week on the 12th were Permit holder Mr. Simon Vorley with 14 fish to his boat ; boat pair Mr. Alan Davies and his father returned 28 fish to their boat ; and visiting rod Mr. Taylor recorded 18 fish.

On the subject of boats we need to remind all boat anglers that when under power a distance of 100 metres must be kept from any bank anglers who are already fishing from the banks and you must be no closer than 50 metres whilst drifting as per our Rules and you must not motor or drift across the bank anglers’ line. For all bank anglers we need to remind you that once you have caught 6 fish in any one area you must move along to another spot also as per our Rules. Hogging of hotspots or fishing recently stocked fish will not be permitted.

Don’t forget to enter our monthly prize draw to win a 4 hour boat ticket or a 4 hour permit – simply submit your return after fishing to be entered into the draw (don’t forget to include a ‘phone number when buying day tickets). The next draw will take place on Friday 31st May. Good luck! 

The North Lake is now open to all anglers as are all of the vehicle tracks around the South Lake.

We are continuing our Loyalty scheme in 2024 so don’t forget to pick up a card and start collecting the stamps each time you pay for a boat or a permit (1 stamp per visit). Once you have collected 5 stamps you can choose from either a free 4 hour permit or a free 4 hour boat.

With weekly stocking continuing and settled weather forecast the prospects for the week ahead are extremely good and we look forward to seeing you soon.

For the latest information on conditions and tracks please ring the Duty Bailiffs on 07974 263338.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The rod average is 5.15