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Angling Report

Angling Report

Angling Report

The latest news from the boats and banks

Report for week ending: 16th June, 2024
Rod average : 3.19
Best fish : 4lb 10 ozs rainbow
Caught by : Mr. G. Greenwood
From : the South Lake banks
Fly used : ginger Hopper
Best Dry Flies : fiery brown hopper ; Big Red ; small Daddy Longlegs ; sedge ; shuttlecock CdC
Best Wet Flies/Nymphs : Pearly Diawl Bach ; hot head Diawl Bach ; teal,blue & silver ; Butcher ; Pearly PTN
Best Lures : Cormorant ; orange Classic FM ; black and green goldhead ; blue flash damsel ; orange blob ; Tequila FAB
Best Areas : Gorse Bushes ; Mickledale Bay ; Concrete Bowl ; Old Man’s ; Boathouse Bay ; Ten Acre Bay ; St. Stephens Bay ; Dougies

Summary Report

When a rod average is not really a rod average at all …

As temperatures very gradually begin to climb the fish have become increasingly preoccupied with feeding on the abundant pin fry. Numerous fish, especially in the overcast conditions we are experiencing of late, were seen ‘fry bashing’ all over the reservoir. These fish, far from being impossible, produced some good bags with the most successful patterns being imitative small fry fished fairly static just under the surface film.

Whilst the rod average has dropped slightly, it is important to note that at Blithfield we count ALL visits and returns when calculating our rod averages which is the way it should be done to give anglers a clear picture of how well the fishery is performing. This includes all the nil returns and not just the number of anglers who caught fish – if we based our rod average on the anglers catching fish only, then we would have a very high average indeed! A rod average based solely on those catching fish does not give an accurate representation of the fishery. We have experienced a high number of anglers visiting us for the first time this year and taking advantage of our popular four-hour permit. Some of these anglers will only fish for a few hours and may not catch a fish but they will still be included in our calculations – please ALWAYS submit your returns here and bear in mind how rod averages are calculated when choosing a fishery to visit.

Creditable returns this week include on the 12th for Permit holder Mr. David Evans who fished from the banks and recorded a total of 9 fish on pin fry imitations ; Season Permit holder Mr. Pete Deacon also returned 9 from the banks of the South Lake with orange patterns producing great sport ; visiting rods Mr. Des Palmer and Mr. Pete Skelton fished from a boat and returned 17 fish between them with Tequila FABs proving a useful tactic whilst visiting rods Mr. Tony Smith and Mr. Bill Richardson returned 33 fish between them from a boat on the South Lake. Further solid returns followed on the 13th with visiting rods Mr. Phil Harding and Mr. Gary Wolstenholme fishing from a boat and returning 9 fish between them despite heavy downpours during the afternoon ; on the same day Permit holder Mr. Stacey Savage recorded 16 fish from the banks on his favourite Diawl Bach patterns and visiting rod Mr. Michael Ravenscroft return 6 fish, all caught on dry flies. On the 14th Messrs. Davitt and Dixon paired up in a boat and enjoyed a very successful day’s sport with 25 fish between them, mostly on blobs and damsel patterns. To round off another very good week Permit holder Mr. Alan Davies fished with his father, on Father’s Day, and between them they returned 16 fish, using black and green patterns and orange FABs.

A quick reminder on the importance of completing and submitting a catch return before you leave the fishery. The catch returns help to compile a lot of information about the fishery and act as a guide to our stocking policy. This in turn influences our prices to anglers. It is a RULE of the fishery that returns are fully completed and submitted at the end of your session which includes writing your name, Permit number and the date on the return. Day ticket anglers are required to complete the form on the reverse of their permit. All fish must be recorded whether killed or released and if an angler catches nothing then a ‘nil’ return must be submitted.

Please remember that there is a speed limit on the access road and across the Dam – the limit is 15mph. The reservoir is an operational site and the speed limit must be adhered to.

Don’t forget to enter our monthly prize draw to win a 4 hour boat ticket or a 4 hour permit – simply submit your return after fishing to be entered into the draw (don’t forget to include a ‘phone number when buying day tickets). The next draw takes place on 30th June. Good luck! 

We are continuing our Loyalty scheme in 2024 so don’t forget to pick up a card and start collecting the stamps each time you pay for a boat or a permit (1 stamp per visit). Once you have collected 5 stamps you can choose from either a free 4 hour permit or a free 4 hour boat.

Warmer, settled conditions with high pressure are forecast for the coming week which, combined with our continued weekly stocking policy, bodes well for the sport here, particularly for dry flies and evening rises.

For the latest information on conditions and tracks please ring the Duty Bailiffs on 07974 263338.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The rod average is 3.19