Blithfield Anglers
Boat Hire

Boat Hire

Boat Hire

Fitted with quiet and efficient petrol engines our boats allow anglers to explore Blithfield Reservoir and enjoy the ‘top-of-the-water’ sport that Blithfield is renowned for.

Each boat is boarded from individual pontoons which make getting in and out safer and easier. Boats do need to be booked in advance to avoid disappointment – a wheelchair accessible WheelyBoat is also available. Please ring 01283 840284 between 8am and 12 noon Monday to Friday to reserve a boat in advance of your visit.

Some Notes on Boats

Your safety, and that of others, whilst on or near the water is of paramount importance to us so we ask that you please observe some basic rules and guidelines, especially whilst using our boats. Here are a few common-sense examples –

  • Do ask the Duty Bailiffs for handling guidance if you are a novice boat user – everyone has to start somewhere!
  • ALWAYS wear a lifejacket (we provide these free of charge during your visit) whilst on or near the water – failure to wear one will result in you being expelled from the Reservoir
  • Don’t motor too closely to bank anglers – you must be at least 100 metres away from them
  • Strictly no fishing within 20 metres of the Resmix pontoons at any time – these are not aerators
  • Don’t stand in boats when they are under power or when it is windy
  • Don’t anchor on or next to concrete structures, buoys or the Resmix pontoons
  • No anchoring within 100 metres of either side of the Road Causeway Bridge, including in the ‘Bridge hole’
  • Waders should NOT be worn in fishing boats
  • Please observe any restricted areas
  • All anglers must sign out and back in when taking boats out on to the water
  • Always respect other Reservoir users and never compromise the safety or enjoyment of anyone

Boat Charges

DurationPermit holdersDay/Guest permits
4 hours£12.00£16.00
All day£20.00£24.00
Extra Hour charges per hour (rounded to full hours only)£2.50£3.00