Blithfield Anglers



Anton Byfleet with a superb, naturally grown-on Blithfield Brown – 6th May, 2023

A stunning specimen 5lb brown trout caught by Antony Coates – 1st June 2023

A fine, specimen brown trout of 4lb 8ozs caught by Dave Ford – 17th March, 2023

Roger Simpson with a fine specimen brown trout – 22nd April, 2017

John Davies with a stunning brown trout on 27th May, 2022

Geoff Allsop with an incredible ‘bar of silver’ blue trout – 8th March, 2016

Paul Walker with a 10lb rainbow trout – 30th April, 2022

Trevor Horton with a cracking rainbow trout – 2016

Nigel Nixon with a 6lb brown trout – 18th October, 2022

Harry Sharratt with his first brown trout at Blithfield – 11th July, 2021

Blithfield legend Baden Fowler with an 8lb 8ozs rainbow trout – 21st March, 2016

Alan Bailey with a brown trout – August 2021

Nigel Nixon with a 3lb rainbow – 25th October, 2022

Bill Holmes with a brown trout – 8th September, 2021